AI and machine learning are taking industries by storm, arming them with advanced predictive and state-of-the-art decision-making capabilities. Machine learning SDKs, frameworks, tools, and APIs are available today that make it easier to adopt these next-gen technologies. Yet a yawning gap in skill sets is frustrating the process for many, leading to wastage of resources. Our machine learning expertise and experience fill that shortage, accelerating the business value of investments in innovative technologies.

Deep Learning

Recognition of speech, sounds, and images comes naturally to the human brain. Machines can replicate the neural system of the brain with the aid of massive computational power and advanced algorithms. Multi-layered artificial neural networks can learn patterns from millions of images and sound samples they are trained on. Deep learning enables machines to understand spoken words in real time, recognize and describe images, play games, and even diagnose diseases. In some tasks, they even outperform humans. We work on deep learning frameworks to build business applications that can supplement human faculties.

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Think intelligent chatbots that can reply to customer queries with precision; text analytics applications that can identify customer sentiments from thousands of emails, social media conversations, and surveys. The capability of machines to understand human language is so advanced today that it is possible to create a wide range of applications with text and voice processing capabilities. With our strong machine learning skills plus expertise in classification algorithms, entity extraction, sentiment analysis, topic modeling as well as Python and Java, we bring to life self-learning NLP applications focused on improving process efficiency, product experience, and customer engagement.

  • Cognitive Chatbots
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Document Labeling
  • Information Extraction
  • Product Recommendation
  • Fraud Detection
  • Medical Text Annotation
  • Text-to-Speech
  • Translation Systems

Computer Vision

Gauge customer attributes and sentiments through real-time analysis of images. Optimize application/claim processing combining optical character Recognition (OCR) and robotic process automation (RPA). Add image description features to support low vision users. Image recognition and classification, once a computationally complex feat, is now an effortless task for machines thanks to revolutionary advances in computer vision. The applications powered by computer vision are now within your reach too. Automatic image processing, face detection/authentication, emotion analysis, text extraction, image captioning…these leading use cases of computer vision fall right within our expertise.

Object Detection and Tagging
Image Captioning
Face Detection/Recognition
Optical Character Recognition
Vision-Based Measurement
Vision-Based Quality Control

Video Analytics

Get a variety of customer insights, including in/out traffic, average visit time, dwell time, dwell areas, and customer demographics for real-time store/staff optimization. Protect people and high-value assets using AI-driven video surveillance that combines object and facial recognition and specific machine learning algorithms. These solutions can trigger alerts in real time on detecting unusual or suspicious behaviors in prohibited areas of hospitals, residential buildings, industrial complexes, etc. We also support our clients in other areas of video analytics application such as motion detection, queue/crowd management, monitoring traffic jams and parking violations, and attendance tracking.

In-Store Customer Analytics
Attendance Tracking
Traffic Monitoring
Queue Monitoring

Predictive Analytics

Gain insights into the future using predictive analytics. Analysis of vast swathes of historical and real-time data can reveal patterns and relationships, from which future trends and behaviors can be accurately predicted. Through predictive modeling, our data scientists can help you determine risk scores and predict purchasing decisions and a range of other outcomes, minimizing the element of risk in critical decisions you take. Protect critical assets and reduce unplanned downtime by accurately predicting time to failure and undertaking preventive maintenance. Integrated with IoT, predictive analytics can be a game-changer for asset-intensive industries.

Anomaly Detection
Price Optimization
Demand Forecasting
Cross-Selling and Upselling
Predictive Maintenance
Targeted Marketing

End-to-End Machine Learning Support

Our machine learning services cover everything from the ground up—from developing a strategy, building, training, and deploying data models to architecting and developing domain-specific artificial intelligence solutions. Our data science team collects, preprocesses, and transforms data to create viable models that help you accurately predict outcomes. Skillful feature engineering ensures that both the data and the algorithms used are high performing and easy to maintain. Our data engineers deploy the models in production, taking care of all the integration requirements. Once deployed, the models are monitored over time. New features are added or the models are recreated to achieve better performance. As your business requirements change, the models are also retrained to explore emerging opportunities.

More services we offer:

  • AI Chatbots
  • Machine Learning
  • Video Analytics
  • Cloud Native Apps
  • ECommerce Platforms
  • Microservices