Cloud Consulting

Enterprises are finding the cloud imperative to fuel innovation, agility, and responsiveness...

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Microservice architecture (MSA) has gained popularity as an essential enabler of agility...

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We provide AI Chatbots, Machine Learning, Video Analytics services and many more...

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App Development

Creative apps using the latest technology is our forte. To realize your ideas into applications...

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DevOps is an approach based on lean and agile principles that aim to break down traditional...

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Technology Leads

We offers Technology Company Leads that have details of all popular companies offering technology...

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Nurture Marketing

We provide an effective lead management platform to automate, measure and qualification of leads...

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Marketing Leads

We provide Email Marketing Leads, Market Research, Telemarketing Leads, Postal Marketing Leads...

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IT Security

Outsourcing your IT department to the experts at KANCANAM protects you from unexpected troubles...

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IT Infrastructure

We provide Cloud & On-Prem Backup Solutions, Cloud & On-Prem Software Solutions, Virtual Cloud Server Solutions ...

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IT Support

We provide 24hr Help Desk, File Sync Issues, Password Recovery, Updates & Patches, Email Recovery...

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IT Strategy

We provide Systems Integration, Business Continuity, Technology Roadmap, Deployment Services...

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Why Us

End-to-end product development capabilities

Experienced developers skilled in new and emerging technologies

Innovation and R&D partner for global enterprises

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